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What does technology have to do with communications?

Posted 5 years ago by George

“My Kid Doesn’t Talk to Me”

This is the lament of many a parent: communications with my child rarely reveals anything important about how he feels about his life.  It seems that we have conversation in “snippets” or something close to the length of a Tweet: 140 characters or less.

Every Unhappy Child Is Unhappy in Her Own Way

“How was school today, honey?”  The response sounds like it comes from another language: “iwuzarid.”  Translated: “It was alright.”

In this scenario, it’s no wonder that most of us parents feel like we’re in the dark.   But, in some cases, technology can assist.  In some ways, it’s clear to see that many of the communications methods we’re applying today — asking open-ended questions of our kids, for example — are part of new technologies which have emerged over the last 20-30 years.

So, I believe there is a role that technology can play in improving communications within families and among its members. (Some people think ninety percent [90%] of conflict is due to misunderstandings).

Shouting Doesn’t Always Work

We humans have invented this wonderful faculty of language but we really don’t know how to use it all that well.  Other stats: up to 70% of the information we get from another person has nothing to do with the words s/he uses.

So, why shouldn’t we think about technology if we want to improve communications?

This is where our App, Kids Self-Evaluate, comes in: it’s a communications tool…for the user, first, and, secondly, for others.  It organizes and simplifies the action of asking “How are you?” to our children in an engaging and playful way.

Screen Shot 2012-11-26 at 2.53.43 PM

Here’s where technology can help facilitate communications: by helping us so that we don’t have to talk…so that we won’t have those probable misunderstandings.  The pictures, in some technologies, tell the story rather than the words.

KSE can help: the proprietary evaluation has a comprehensive list of sixty-six (66) statements that address academic performance, relationship issues and home & health.  That list of statements is the result of painstaking research and testing undertaken by a public/private partnership that started in 2009.

We can do better.  We have to do better.  See if you don’t agree that the App might be a good step in the right direction: try it out sometime: go to the iTunes Store.

George Moskoff is an innovator, social entrepreneur and humanist who brings 30+ years of business, consulting, education and startup experience to APG Mobile Applications.  With a masters in biochemistry, Moskoff approaches building socially-beneficial mobile apps as a scientist of human behavior.
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