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Self-Esteem and the Rise In Bullying

Posted 8 years ago by George

 No Signs of Slowing Down

Bullying is on the rise in the United States.  This is the trend of the past twenty years despite our best efforts to do just the opposite: programs on compassion, communications; sanctions.  It’s clear that there are a mix of factors creating this brew of attitudes and behaviors that threaten the very nature of civility in a modern society.

It Starts Early

According to the theories of Kristin Neff, Ph.D., a professor at University of Texas at Austin, she thinks the rise can be explained by the remnants of the self-esteem movement.  That’s one explanation, she supposes.

Steeped in the broth of the pressure to “feel special,” Neff says, there are only two ways to move with such a task: I either find a way to, genuinely, feel good about myself or…I put others down, you know, to make me feel better.  Enter the bullying movement.  (Movement or trend?)

Neff’s work focuses on Self-Compassion.  She says she is an “evangelist,” of sorts, and it shows in her videos and TEDx appearances as she preaches this new antidote to self-hate and self-loathing.

Kristin Neff, Ph.D.: Self-Compassion

Our App, Kids Self-Evaluate, includes a pyschometric created by Dr. Neff.  Twenty-six questions help the user assess how much self-kindness is being practiced; the App provides automatic scoring for the Self-Compassion test and the ability to track changes over time.

80x80Overall, the App, Kids Self Evaluate, provides a school-aged child a chance to better understand him/herself through the use of game-like “dragging and dropping” of statements (cards).  This understand and enhanced self-awareness is critical to the growth of the child’s ability to self-regulate and express compassion to himself and others.

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