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The Self-Acceptance Movement: Not Just for Adults


5 years ago

 Helping to Heal Ourselves…Early The Self-Acceptance Project — a work of “Sounds True” —  is creating new tools and insights to help us become more psychologically whole.  My favorite comes from Kristin Neff, Ph.D. on the subject of self-compassion. Most … Continue reading

Self-Esteem and the Rise In Bullying


5 years ago

 No Signs of Slowing Down Bullying is on the rise in the United States.  This is the trend of the past twenty years despite our best efforts to do just the opposite: programs on compassion, communications; sanctions.  It’s clear that … Continue reading

What does technology have to do with communications?


5 years ago

“My Kid Doesn’t Talk to Me” This is the lament of many a parent: communications with my child rarely reveals anything important about how he feels about his life.  It seems that we have conversation in “snippets” or something close … Continue reading